Challenges of LNG to Power Project Development:

The development of Localized LNG to Power projects remains logistically and economically challenging due to the complex and fragmented structure of the global LNG bunkering value chain

Coastal LNG: End-to-End LNG to Power Delivery Solution:

Supported by Best-on-Class industry partners and international business affiliates, Coastal LNG able to work around the logistical and fragmentation challenges of the LNG supply chain and provide end-end LNG to Power deliver solutions power generation and industrial customers. Coastal LNG project team also applies a flexible and scalable project development framework to lower the cost of operations in key segments of the LNG to Power procurement Value Chain:

LNG Contracts Sourcing
LNG Shipping, Storage & Regasification
LNG Unloading & Customer Power Generation Site Delivery
LNG Bulk Supply Agreements
Deploy and operate state-of-the-art Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs).
  • Option 1:LNG re-gasified and Sent-Out into local grid for power generation on-site delivery.
  • Option 2:LNG is transferred into to cryogenic storage units and into LNG Tanker Trucks for road delivery to the client’s site. LNG is regasified upon arrival at client’s power generation site.